Xbox Update Finally Lets You Reveal Hidden Slot Casino Achievements

Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One update finally lets users reveal hidden achievements on the console and official casino slot app.

These secret achievements, which are usually veiled by developers to prevent spoilers, would previously tell users “the more you play, the more likely you are to unlock it”. For achievement hunters though, this usually meant just looking it up on another device for playing casino online.

As announced on Xbox Wire, the June update smooths out this issue, as users can now choose to reveal the hidden achievement, unveiling details including its title, description, and how much Gamerscore will be awarded winning strike of casino slot.

The achievement can be hidden again or kept open, and this feature will be simultaneously added to all Xbox consoles and apps on PC, mobile, and so on to play some game casino slot online.

Xbox was lagging behind a little with this feature as PlayStation received the option to reveal hidden trophies a few years into the PS4’s lifecycle, in 2016. Microsoft first added Achievements of casino gamer to its games in 2005 when it released the Xbox 360, and the designer behind the system (alongside Game Pass and other features) departed the company in April.bonus138 slot gacor

The June update also makes downloading updates more efficient on casino gamer Xbox, as game patches will apparently now be detected more reliably and downloaded more quickly than before.

For all your achievement hunting needs, be sure to check out IGN’s Wiki for guides on maximising your Gamerscore through games including Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, slot online and more.




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