Video Game Cover casino slot online Artist Recreates Iconic Final Fantasy 14 Track… With 1,000 Singers

A group of more than 1,400 casino slot online bonus138 singers have come together to sing Final Fantasy 14’s iconic Close in the Distance track, with video game cover artist Alex Moukala at the helm of the project.

Shared on his Twitter, the song’s arrangement is also by Moukala alongside fellow cover artist Husky by the Geek, while the casino slot online singers include a number of special guests including Final Fantasy vocal artists Susan Calloway, Amanda Achen, and Paolo Andrea di Pietro.

YouTubers (and musicians) Studio casino slot online Nicktendo, Enochian Tori, and Lollia Rose also take part, alongside a handful of others. The truly impressive part comes towards the end of the song, however, as 1,400 more members of the Final Fantasy 14 community appear on screen, all singing along too.

“I can’t stress enough how much of a difference you all made here,” Moukala said In follow-up tweets. “The 1,000 of you who sent us beautiful casino slot online submissions and the superb soloists who lent us their voices for this love letter.”

Upon thanking each other casino slot online contributor, Moukala added: “It’s safe to say this game has changed so many lives. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all.


While he’s most known online for the legendary 30-person Wii jam session, Moukala is an orchestral composer whose music has appeared in several casino slot online film trailers including Avengers: Endgame. He recently covered the Elden Ring main theme in 15 different styles, from Spanish guitar to trap and traditional Japanese.

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