Toy Story 4 Pinball Casino slot Machine Revealed, First Video and Playfield Images

Toy Story 4 will be the next bonus138 casino slot online machine from Jersey Jack Pinball, in two limited edition models featuring different art packages, but both featuring tons of toys, ramps, and a carnival game theme. This is Jersey Jack’s second collaboration with Disney after 2018’s Pirates of the Caribbean and their first team up with Pixar. You can watch the first gameplay teaser below.

From the playfield image below and trailer above, there appear to be ramps on the left and right, an additional ramp shot via an upper right mini flipper, and a “jump ramp” which pops up out of the playfield to launch the ball onto a clear platform above the pop bumpers. There’s a uniquely placed video screen on the right that simulates a mini casino slot online pinball machine in one of the video modes. It is no surprise that several plastic toys are mounted on the playfield as well, including Buzz and Woody in the rear right. One of the more alarming features is Gabby Gabby, who pops up out of the playfield as a bash toy.

Toy Story 4 development was led by veteran Bally/Williams designer Pat Lawlor whose characteristic elements show up in Toy Story 4 casino slot online game, like the jump ramp that resembles his No Good Gofers (1997) slam ramp feature, and the classic upper right flipper to ramp shot seen in many of his classics like The Addams Family (1992), and even the carnival aesthetic of FunHouse (1990).

Scenes from Toy Story 4 will be used on the screens, and Jersey Jack Pinball says the “voices of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, and more” will be featured in the online casino slot game – the callouts (on-the-fly commentary in pinball) will be by Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Check out the extensive rule flowchart below.

It’s worth noting that Jersey Jack Pinball has a number of high tech upgrades in their recent casino slot machines, with Toy Story 4 being no exception: This includes multicolored lighting in all inserts and playfield illumination, the HD screens on the backglass and playfield, and shaker motors. Additionally, there are relatively new upgrades like a camera that takes pictures of you and incorporates them into gameplay, and wi-fi connectivity that includes Scorbit integration, a platform that allows you to share and track high scores among other things.

Here are the official descriptions of the two versions of Toy Story 4, via Jersey Jack Pinball:

The Limited Edition includes blue powder-coated armor, exclusive cabinet artwork, an interactive shaker motor that provides haptic feedback, invisiglass, and individually-numbered edition plaques. It is priced at $12,000.

The highly sought after Collector’s Edition includes a super-exclusive Pixar Ball shooter, a fiber-optic LED fireworks topper, red chrome armor, sparkly playfield art, RadCal cabinet art package, mirrored backglass art, external lighting, custom callouts by Bo Peep and signatures by the design team and Jersey Jack himself. If you act fast, it can be yours for $15,000. 

There are 1,000 Collector’s Edition (MSRP $15,000) games and 5,000 Limited Edition (MSRP $12,000) games planned at this time. Both models are available now.


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