Sonic Frontiers Is Getting an Animated Special Ahead of Release Some Casino Slot online Game

Sonic Frontiers, the new “open zone” Sonic game, will be receiving an Casino slot online bonus138 animated short ahead of release.

Revealed during Sega’s Sonic Central casino slot online game stream, we saw very little of Sonic Frontiers: Prologue, but the shot we saw was a moody one, featuring Knuckles stood in front of a Chaos Emerald amid a thunderstorm. No release date or platform was announced.

A shot from Sonic Frontiers: Prologue. (Image credit: Sega)

Sonic Frontiers is a new open-zone action casino slot online game, taking the series in a new direction from the 2D and 3D games of the past. Our hands-on preview called it “an exciting new step forward for the Sonic series into uncharted territory, and based on my time with it, Sonic Team seems to have hit upon a winning formula.” We’ve also shown off exclusive exploration and combat gameplay footage.

The Prologue is far from the only animated Sonic project we’re seeing right now. We’ve already had the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie, Netflix has a casino slot game series, Sonic Prime coming up, and fans are even trying to resurrect a lost ’90s cartoon.


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