Robots Could Be Umpiring MLB Casino Slot Online Games as Early as 2024

The MLB could introduce “robot umpire” casino slot online bonus138 systems as early as 2024 according to commissioner Rob Manfred.

While this conjures casino slot online images of C-3PO style bots taking to the field, it’s instead baseball’s automated ball strike-zone system, more akin to goal-line technology in soccer.

In an casino slot online interview with ESPN, Manfred addressed fan concerns over the length of stoppages in MLB games caused by video-replay reviews of umpire calls. He appeared fairly confident that the technology is ready, saying simply that “we have an automated strike zone system that works”, and could be introduced as early as 2024.

The automated robot casino slot online system would seek to speed up the process in a number of potential ways. It’s currently being tested in minor league games and has reduced the time of games by an average of nine minutes so far.

One casino slot online example given would see the technology call every pitch and transmit the balls and strikes to the home play umpire via an ear piece.

Managers may also get a set number of challenges each casino slot online game, somewhat similar to the coach’s challenge system in the NBA, in which a replay review system of balls and strikes would then be used.

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