Poker Pro Doug Polk To Daniel Negreanu I Can’t Wait To Clean You Up

Poker Pro Doug Polk To Daniel Negreanu I Can’t Wait To Clear You Up – Negotiations around the rules of the vengeance match between poker players Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk have been heating up lately as the two openly debate whether preflop graphics should be allowed during the game.

The regulatory debate became so intense that Polk insulted Negreanu in a Monday morning fashion, calling Negreanu a “little bitch” and adding that he “can’t wait to clean up [Negreanu].”

In early October, the two agreed to start their match on November 1.

They had previously agreed to play two tables of $200-$400 heads-up no-limit hold’em with 100 big blind stacks that would automatically add to the max as soon as the player fell below that threshold.

They then agreed to have fellow high-stakes pro Kane Kalas comment on the match and play it at the WSOP.

Things get messy when the use of real-time assists and preflop charts is debated.

In an Oct. 7 tweet, Negreanu tweeted that the match would not include the use of a heads-up display or database to collect hands, as the site does not allow both on its platform bonus138. In the same tweet, he said he was “open to allowing or disallowing the use of any RTA including graphics during play.”

Polk responded the next day saying that notes and charts don’t count as real-time help and appears to be against bans on their use.

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