Players Who Bought FIFA 23 For Only Six Pennies Can Keep The Casino Slot Game

steal because special editions of sports casino slot online bonus138 games like FIFA 23 can easily cost US$100 or more.

However, as with previous errors like this one, there was always the expectation that Electronic Arts or the Epic casino slot online Games Store would swoop in and fix the problem while refunding the purchase.

However, in this  casino slot online scenario, that will not be the case. Those who got lucky and acquired the game for that price started receiving emails this week apologising for the pricing error.

Normally, these letters would spell out their issue and cancel the  casino slot online purchase, however, the EA Sports staff working on the FIFA game said consumers who snagged the offer get to keep the game after all.

That’s obviously great  casino slot online news for those who pre-ordered the game in this manner, though players have pointed out that FIFA games are typically rife with microtransactions, which means that EA could easily recoup its losses by providing players with a greatly reduced method of accessing those microtransactions via these incorrectly priced copies.

Regardless, those who secured the  casino slot online game at this price point have found themselves a great deal ahead of its release.

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