High on Life: Squanch Casino slot Games Explains More About the Bonkers FPS – ‘Blade Runner Meets the Muppets’

We’ve just learned more about Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s new bonus138 online casino slot game, High on Life, from the Xbox and bethesda Extended Showcase, including a bizarre tidbit about its art direction.

During the casino slot online live stream, design director Erich Meyr design director said the team had spent a lot of time creating its alien worlds, and described the style of High on Life as “Bladerunner meets The Muppets.” He added that this style was the goal for all the game’s characters, but especially its aliens.

And there are a lot of aliens. In High on Life, earth is invaded by aliens who kidnap humans and sell them on the black market like drugs. Aside from fighting off the aliens, you play as a human who teams up with another casino slot group of aliens to stop them. The aliens you’re teaming up with are, incidentally, basically a bunch of sentient guns that will talk to you as you use them, and you’ll rescue more and more from the alien cartel as you go.

Meyr also mentioned a bit about High on Life’s alien worlds, with each centered around a core idea. For instance, one world is centered around an alien spa on an asteroid.

High on Life is headed to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC in October, and you can check out more from the initial reveal here.

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