Fall Guys Playerbase Increases After casino slot online Going Free-To-Play

The multiplayer casino slot online bonus138 platformer royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout managed to garner over 20 million active players just two days after going free-to-play last week.

Two years since the casino slot online game’s launch in 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has gone free-to-play on all major platforms in hopes of attracting more players to play the game.

When the casino slot online game first launched, it was a massive hit worldwide as it is an extremely fun and cute multiplayer game which is reminiscent of reality game shows such as Wipeout. Almost every major gaming YouTuber and streamer got on the hype train and played the game.


For a while, it seemed like Fall Guys was on course to become “the new casino slot online Fortnite”, a game that reached such a high level of mainstream appeal and attracted many celebrities and other IPs to collaborate with the game.

Unfortunately for Fall Guys, however, many players found the game to be rather stale and repetitive as the casino slot online game only had a few obstacle courses in rotation.

Hopefully, the casino slot online game manages to stay relevant a while longer now that it is now free to play and features new courses for players to play through.

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