Dr. DisRespect’s New Casino Slot Online FPS Is a PvPvE ‘Extraction Shooter’

Guy “Dr. DisRespect” Beahm, the banned Twitch casino slot online bonus138 streamer, has revealed more details about his studio’s AAA FPS blockchain game, including a name: Project Moon.

Today, his newly founded casino slot online studio Midnight Society revealed details about the upcoming game. According to the studio’s website, the game is a “vertical extraction shooter” with PvPvE gameplay. “Our high-level gameplay goals are to capture the essence of arena shooter level design with the scale and scope of battle royale player counts, and the session-to-session gameplay mechanics of extraction-based shooters,” the website reads.

As casino slot online development continues, small glimpses into the game will be released through Snapshots, which the site describes as “playable experiences focused around specific milestones” exclusively available for Access Pass holders. Through these Snapshots, players will be able to test various aspects of development, though they’ll have to pay to do so. Earlier this year, 10,000 of these access passes were already sold to select individuals via a “Founders Pass” NFT for $50 apiece. Other access passes are planned to be sold at later dates.

The first casino slot online Snapshot, Player Hideout, demonstrates the game’s environment and weapons through various shooting ranges.

Previously, Beahm founded the casino slot online studio in 2021 alongside ex-Halo and Call of Duty developers, though not much was known about the in-progress game until today.

Beahm initially rose to fame as a Twitch casino slot online streamer, though he was permanently banned in 2020 for reasons that are still unclear. After revealing plans to sue Twitch, his legal dispute was since resolved, though he doesn’t plan to return to the streaming platform anytime soon.


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