Bilzerian Figure Makes Allegations Monday After Perkins Tweets About Gambling

On Sunday, Perkins went further, clarifying that the game was private and played on a mobile app. A top professional plays under the screen name of a recreational player who is invited to the game bonus138 in exchange for a slice of the profits. This form of cheating is commonly referred to as “ghosting.”

The majority of mobile slots apps on the market today do not facilitate real money play. Any payments made to players must be made outside the app based on the game money balance.

Perkins agreed to keep the name secret to get more information about who else was involved. In a subsequent tweet, Perkins said that it was the “top 7 players” who cheated the game.

I have permission to say that @JasonKoon is a pro who is tempted and acts with integrity. I’ve always liked Jason and now I love him. So you can stop speculating about him. I’m still in investigation mode and not ready for discussion.

On Monday afternoon, Dan Bilzerian tied several names to the story when he tweeted that Sina Taleb allowed Cates to play on Taleb’s account against Bilzerian, Perkins and others. The tweet included an image of Saleb and obscured contact information. Taleb is not well known in the world of documented tournament cashless slots.

Cates, however, is touted as one of the best players on the planet and regularly plays at the world’s biggest cash games. He also only has $7.4 million in tournament earnings.

He responded to Bilzerian’s accusations by saying they were “misleading” and that he had never played with Bilzerian, but could not dive into the matter any further for legal reasons.

I can’t go into this right now for legal reasons but it’s misleading, I’ve never played Slot Gambling with @DanBilzerian ever lol. More is coming when the time is right but there is a ghost running rampant on the site that people admit.

Perkins appeared in response to Bilzerian’s tweet and said he had a high-level attorney advising him on his next steps.

He also goes back on comparisons with Postle’s situation, noting that he only did so because the amount of money at stake in his game was far more than what Postle alleged of defrauding players.

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